Our Impact

Our Impact


National Indian Carbon Council

At How2Recycle Summit 2024 we will be implementing Trace by Isla to calculate the environmental impact of our events, from food waste, to signage and energy use. The resulting data will inform our purchase carbon offsets through the National Indian Carbon Coalition

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Your Impact

  • Since SPC Impact in Austin we have decided to continue running our events as single use cup free. To help us achieve this goal, please bring your own water bottle, reusable mug or whatever your prefer. Do your part in cutting down on waste!

  • A perk of attending our events is taking the time to explore our host city, and the best way to do that can be by simply taking a walk. A simple thing can have a major environmental impact.

  • It may take some extra planning but try carpooling or ride share when traveling from the airport to your hotel. Coordinate with your fellow attendees to help make a positive impact.

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